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Hi, I’m Deanna Hoover and I love sharing yoga with 50+ students.

Back in the early ‘70s when I took my first yoga class and I was hooked. Many years later, while stopped at red lights, I was rear-ended twice in one year! I had a doctor tell me that I had stenosis in my spine and that back surgery was in my future. I thought, this can’t be for me — so I ramped up my personal practice and started attending classes more regularly…

Here’s what I found: the more I practiced, the stronger my body became, and the better I felt in body, mind, and spirit. I have learned how to instruct my students so that they receive the benefits yoga has to offer.

I genuinely feel people over 50 will benefit from my sessions. My training in Hatha and Restorative and experience teaching have given me the tools to support you in achieving something I know matters to you. It is so satisfying and meaningful to me to have students say “I feel so much better after your class. ”

So if you are ready to take the plunge, please call me.

Yoga is more than simple exercise. It may include postures (asanas), energy and breath control (pranayama), meditation, music, philosophy and other approaches. While many people equate the word Hatha with a particular style of yoga, the word actually refers to the physical aspect of yoga – to the asana and pranayama practices

Meditation is important to all styles and traditions of yoga but is often the least understood aspect of yoga. The art and science of transcending one’s thoughts and liberating the mind, meditation may involve simple breath awareness, chanting or movement. For some, it is the heart of the practice, for others it is integrated with the asanas, often at the beginning and the end of the class.

People come to yoga for a wide variety of reasons …fitness, stress management, relief from physical or emotional pain. Regardless of their motivation, most credit yoga’s meditative component with allowing them to reach a deeper, more spiritual place in their lives.

Gentle yoga can be as dynamic as some of the more vibrant styles, yet is gentle on the body. Classes are often multi-level and do not assume prior yoga experience. They include breathing techniques, warm-ups and basic postures to increase mind-body connection, self-awareness and self-confidence.