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"For the past two years I have participated in Deanna's yoga classes twice a week. The twists are my favorite poses and have helped my low back problems immensely, eliminating monthly chiropractic visits and reducing deep massages from once a month to once a year or so. My flexibility, balance, and strength have greatly improved and my mind, body, and spirit are grateful for each class."

Mary Lu Schmidt February 2018

“Just wanted you to know that after the hand- and finger-stretching exercises you had us do in Gentle Yoga last week, my two arthritic fingers have much greater movement and noticeably less pain than before. I now do those every single day. Thank you for my new hands!”

Sally Jenkins, Emerald Valley Fitness, June 2016

“Deanna takes her time to thoroughly explain positions, offer extended poses and share details as to why certain poses help our bodies. She is soothing, friendly and a wonderful guiding force as a yoga instructor. Deanna is a top notch instructor and she comes with my highest praise and recommendation for beginners to advanced yoga enthusiasts.”

Kelley Reetz, Interpretive Specialist, Irvine Ranch Conservancy - June 2013

"I look forward to yoga class with Deanna every week. Our class is mixed, beginners and experienced individuals. There is a little something for everyone, easy and more challenging poses. Throughout class she says "respect your limits".

"Yoga was wonderful! Seemed to be a bit more challenging than last year, which was much appreciated!"

"Both the leader and the yoga instructor were very nice, confident and helpful."

"Deanna Hoover is a great yoga instructor, this was my second class with her."

"The yoga instructor (Deanna) is a great teacher. She’s helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I like how she makes changes to the different exercises according to people’s levels of expertise and I also love the readings she shares with us at the beginning or end of class."

"This is one of the few yoga classes offered outdoors. It is wonderful and I recommend it highly."

"I enjoy the range of the class, from beginner’s poses to advanced. And I find the pace very good."

"I really like this teacher –the pace is just right and she is caring, patient, and doesn’t just teach the same thing each time."

Comments from Irvine Ranch Conservancy Yoga Participants - Jan-Dec 2012

"What a wonderful presentation on YOGA you provided to the clients of Shanti Orange County at our April EMPOWER seminar. Attendees had nothing but positive comments about you and your presentation."

Sarah Kasman, Executive Director, Shanti Orange County - April 2012

"Wonderful event, yoga, meditation, inspiration, massage, and sharing…"

Deb Coats, “Caring for Self ” workshop participant - May 2011

"Thank you so much! You are a great instructor. I will certainly get back to you if and when it looks appropriate!"

Ann R. Krueger, Director of Activities, Crown Cove, MBK Senior Living - April 2011

"Thank you so much for our outdoor class in the park today! It was wonderful . . . just what we all needed!"

Linda Orcutt, private group participant -December 2010

"Thank you for subbing for me. I already received several positive emails from students. They loved you."

Diane Pavesic, E-RYT-500; BSN - November 2010

"After three years of routinely practicing yoga via studio classes and private instruction I soon found myself in search of a new in-home yoga instructor. After weeks of inquiry and a couple interviews, I was introduced to Deanna Hoover who was a colleague of one of my former massage therapists. The moment I met Deanna, I knew that with her compassionate, warm and caring demeanor combined with her wealth of knowledge in yoga, she would be a perfect match!! Once we began practicing together, Deanna not only learned what I preferred but also what my body needed, so she was able to tailor the practice to my specific needs. With having various health problems and not knowing how I would feel on any given day, Deanna was able to quickly make modifications to her planned practice, if need be. I especially love her readings from chosen yoga books, her custom iPod playlists, and her breathing and mantra instruction, because it made my practice feel more than just an exercise routine, but rather a customized whole-body-restoration!! It has been more than three years since our first practice together and we have practiced twice a week since. Therefore, I think of Deanna, not just as a instructor but as a part of my family. Since she has extensive knowledge in various yoga styles and is able to teach at various levels, I would highly recommend Deanna if you are looking for private or semi-private yoga instruction. I am grateful to have had Deanna as an yoga instructor and I am thankful to have gotten strong enough to attend studio classes again!"

Kristin Gundersen, private client - November 2010

"I have known Deanna Hoover for five years. We have worked together and she has substitute taught for me for the last three years. Deanna has a great heart for yoga and is passionate about her work and practice. She is tireless in learning more about yoga by attending workshops to learn more and expand her practice. I have found her very reliable as a substitute and can feel confident she will cover the class very professionally while I’m away. My students really enjoy her cheery personality, calm spirit and interesting classes. I recommend her highly as a teacher, student and friend!"

Susan MacIntosh Rubio, Certified Yoga Instructor - October 2010

"Your readings are very light hearted and focused. The poses on the wall were so helpful and challenging. I felt like the wall was such a support for building muscle and heat in the body. You know your class and students. For example, you mentioned that the pose on the wall was Leslie's favorite so it made her feel special. It also shows you can make the most out of the situation. Your involvement is just right. I like how you lead the class but also participate with actions and adjustments. Spider hands is a great reference. It paints a picture for your students. You are a great teacher Deanna. Your enthusiasm takes you above and beyond many."

Natalie Rae Likens, Water Conservation Analyst, Irvine Ranch Water District - January 2009

"I think your class was spectacular. I really did learn a ton from you as a teacher. I really appreciate:

The amount of time you allowed the class to come into the present

The slight variations in half-salutations

The balance that you had in demonstrating and assisting us though out the class

The encouragement toward our asana poses

The zeal and joy you have for teach

Asking the class if they had any special requests

Asking a new student about herself

Thanks again for committing your time to IRWD. You are appreciated and admired."

Natalie Rae Likens, Water Conservation Analyst, Irvine Ranch Water District - July 2008

"On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff at Shanti Orange County, I thank you for your participation in our Introduction to Healing Therapies Workshop on Tuesday, June 20, 2006. Your presentation was factual, inspirational and enjoyable! The clients who participate in your classes speak very highly of you and gain a great deal from your yoga instruction, caring attitude and warm disposition. Shanti values you very highly, and we appreciate all that you bring to our clients and to our organization.

P.S. You are an EXCELLENT yoga teacher"

Carolyn Spivak, Community Liaison, Shanti - July 2007

"Thank you so much for your energy & shining so brightly."

Tam Nguyen, Yoga Bungalow Studio Owner, San Juan Capistrano - April 2006

“Deanna is a great teacher! She’s passionate about Yoga and offers her time and spirit generously. There is no competition in the class to ‘keep up’ or to be the best. It’s about enjoying the feeling and doing something good for you. She offers quiet, gentle (and sometimes challenging) stretching and movements, conscious breathing and relaxation. She asks her students to focus 100% on the positions, breathing April 2006and letting go of the stress built up in one’s body. I leave each class feeling relaxed, centered and energized and with a sense of gratitude.”

Jim B. - Shanti Newsletter December 2005

"You really have a thorough understanding, not only of the reading material, but of what constitutes a good class and one that doesn’t work. I know that you will be a wonderful teacher because you are so perceptive. “

Dianne Harman, Partner, Yoga Experience - January 2004